New acquaintances: benefits of communication

New acquaintances – always a lot of impressions: new people, new interests, new life. For someone to get acquainted with the person is not difficult, and others lead a closed way of life, partly because of a hidden nature, partly because of shyness and insecurity. How so?! It should be corrected, because even in ancient times, our ancestors could not live without communication. To communicate means to share something valuable and interesting, to pass on your experience, to express your opinion. And, thanks to new acquaintances, you are also renewed. New people help you better understand yourself, understand what you should strive for and how not to act. You compare yourself with others, learn from them, and they learn from you. You grow and develop spiritually, which is important in life. So don’t be shy, socialize and make new friends. If you are looking for a single men, you can use dating sites.

The first step is to get acquainted. On the street, on a visit, at school you constantly meet new people. Someone disposes to himself at first sight, and someone causes antipathy. One tempts with its appearance, the other too sloppy, with the third has nothing to talk about at all, and the fourth – just a prodigy. The guys you meet are completely different. You have to choose who to be friends with and who not to be friends with.

New people in our lives are not uncommon, and especially in the summer. After all, summer is the time to get acquainted. A trip to the sea brings a lot of positive emotions and a lot of new acquaintances. Rest disposes to communication, because, as a rule, people are liberated and become more sociable.

The first impression can not be made twice

Pay attention to how you behave and what you say at the first meeting. Excessive chattiness and intrusiveness can push a person away. Do not brag and talk about your successes and benefits. Do not behave too loosely and provocatively. Be yourself. Also, observe and the interlocutor. Decide whether you like this person or not. 

Common interests are the benefits of communication. It is desirable that you have at least something in common. You love animals, listen to the same style of music, dance, draw, play sports and much more. Otherwise, the first time, of course, you can find a topic for conversation: family, friends, etc. But then you’ll get bored together because you can’t understand each other.

If there isn’t much in common, but you still like the person, tell him about your hobbies, let him listen to your favorite music, share something interesting. It is quite possible that all this will be pleasant to your new acquaintance as well. You’re a great ballplayer, and he’s a great guitar player. Teach each other something, so it’s good for you to talk.

Politeness and attentiveness. Respect your new friend’s judgments and passions. Do not laugh at his beliefs or thoughts that may seem silly or absurd to you. Listen calmly and then give your opinion. Sometimes a dispute can be useful, but the dispute is calm and calculating. After all, you can give in to something, agree to a compromise. But it is not necessary to adjust to others in everything, hide behind a false mask. As has already been said, be yourself. Do not be shy about your judgments and preferences, show yourself. 
What to do if you can’t make friends? Don’t despair! All people are different. Maybe you are not satisfied with something, but he is not satisfied with you. It is better to look longer than to make false friends. You can find local women dating on modern dating sites if necessary. But you should not look for reasons for discord only in others. Maybe it’s a reason to look into yourself, to think, to change something. Do not be afraid to try new things, to change, and finally, you will find the real yourself. Known people are always there, and friends will definitely appear in life.

Author: 212suites