Stickers for the wall as a part of design

One of the popular and budget techniques in apartment decoration is now considered the use of special stickers. They allow not only to create an original effect during a major or cosmetic repairs, but also to give a highlight to the old room. The big advantage of vinyl stickers is the availability, ease of implementation and the possibility of replacement. Unlike wall decoration, the vinyl sticker can be easily changed or completely removed if it gets bored or no longer suits the seasonal atmosphere.

Wall stickers are self-adhesive films with a glossy or matt surface. There are two types: full-color vinyl sticker on the whole wall and carved monochrome sticker. The second option is now very popular – the films are glued to the painted walls, wallpaper and smooth surfaces of refrigerator, washing machine, wardrobe, etc., bringing fresh images to a familiar interior. The huge plus of vinyl stickers is that they are not afraid of temperature and humidity – you can use even in the bathroom. They are easy to wash and peel off, leaving no traces on the surface. If at some point you get tired of the drawing on the wall, you should simply direct a stream of hot air (use, for example, a household hair dryer) on the sticker and gently add the film.

In order to use a vinyl sticker, a smooth surface must be prepared carefully. It needs to be well cleaned and degreased to keep the sticker firmly in place. Decor specialists advise to iron each element thoroughly so that there are no air bubbles under the sticker. With the help of such elements in the form of plants or ornaments can decorate your bedroom. In the study or working area of the living room will look good some inscriptions or quotations. Children’s room can be decorated with stickers of animals and flowers, and the kitchen – figures, forms of food or other thematic elements.

What is the secret to the growing popularity of such stickers?

Sticker made of thin polychlor vinyl film looks like a tattoo, has smooth edges, very animates any room. The self-adhesive pictures impressed with ease of use, ease of installation, originality, and affordable price, compared to the cost of cosmetic repairs. More and more people ordered basketball wall decals and other options of stickers for themselves or as a gift to relatives and friends. That’s when we had to work hard, to understand the nuances of manufacturing, types of stickers and create more options for such stickers.

Are you curious, how do stickers behave on different surfaces? The stickers were held firmly and unbuttoned when trying to remove them from such surfaces:   

  • painted walls;
  • wallpaper-painted walls;
  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • metal;
  • glass.

You can decorate with their help anything – floor, ceiling, furniture, washing machine, refrigerator, windows. You can embody many ideas: beautiful trees and flowers, landscapes and panoramas, motivational inscriptions and bright decorations for children. You can also find interesting ideas for decorating business spaces. Among the consumers there are owners or managers of gyms, yoga studios, music school, kindergarten, cafes and so on. Each sticker is made within 1-2 days “under the client” in the right size. They can be either small single-color stickers or large compositions of two or three colors from the working palette.

Online shop of designer stickers is constantly expanding its range of stickers, adding designs created by artists. They create images with interior trends and customer requests in mind. At the moment, such stickers are popular and often used in the interiors of various rooms.

Author: 212suites